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I have added this page so that anyone in our class and parents can ask questions about anything, or post some ideas.

Miss Cooper 🙂


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11 02 2011

that book is awsome best i ever read

12 02 2011
David B

i will beat u alex in the books
I will beat u lol

12 02 2011

I wonder who will win? He he!

12 02 2011
David B

Miss Cooper I think On the Romeo and Juliet story. I think that they will still belive that juliet is dead. but bury her and the romeo and ange and the rest of the people who went along with the plan, will digg juleit back up and they will llive happily ever after ,and they will admit to the other guys that she isnt dead and they will also admit that they are in love

12 02 2011

Good prediction David! You will have to wait and find out on Thursday hehe!

13 02 2011

Miss i think romeo will find juliet dead and think she’s really dead because larry nor juilet have told romoe the plan , then romeo will runaway for good .

1 04 2012

itresing lol hehe 🙂

15 04 2012

sorry i spelt it wrong (intresting) 😀

23 12 2012

cooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll miss u all

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